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Mike Shanahan still in orange...

Posted on: December 31, 2008 6:51 am

A new team has been started in the NFL and it's picking up quite the story this morning. This team moves quickly to swoop up talented personnel and find them new homes. The relocation package is solid and they have a tax write-off if owner's chose to use them. Mike Shanahan, Eric Mangini from the NFL are apart of the new team. Charlie Weiss, Romeo Crennel and Mike Martz also joined the amazing orange team this week as well. I am proud to announce the newest team to be inducted into the world of sports and quite frankly, see no stopping them in sight. Maybe we can only hope to contain them.

Welcome U-Haul.... Team Orange...

Ned Yost, even though he's in baseball knows all about the newest team. So does Reggie Theus in the NBA. Good guys who lose credibility always seem to end up here. Shanahan has 2 Super Bowls with Denver, and all be it he had hall of famer John Elway, he still devised the schemes and plays to make it work. I can remember the Wade Phillips days, and who could forget the Jake Plummer fiasco. The Broncos went through Terrell Davis injuries, John Elway retirement, Travis Henry was her for a hot cup of coffee, and Shanahan brought in ED McCaffrey, DJ WIlliams and Darrent Williams (whom was lost). Not all of these are controllables and this writer feels that Shanahan did what he could to keep the ball going. How could one forget Brian Griese?? That whole era sucked!! If not for Shanahan, the Broncos would not have fielded a competitive team for the last 14 seasons and that, in particular was why he was brought in... to field a competitve team who has shots at winning it all!! The NFL is too competitive and often cut throat, but one team stays in there, year in and year out.... GO ORANGE!!! Go U-Haul!!

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